Mad Bookie NBA Player Bets – Create your own player prop markets!

Mad Bookie NBA Player Bets

Madbookie offers the ‘Digital Sports Tech’ product ‘Player Bets’ product.

DST is a leading provider of online betting software- and has revolutionized the player props game with Player Bets.

Through the use of a custom algorithm that analyses a full spectrum of NBA players statistical data, Mad Bookie Player Bets gives punters the freedom to make and build their own NBA player prop bets. (Also available for a range of other sports!)

For us at The Midfield, we think it’s one of the only truly unique betting features offered by bookmakers today.

We began using Mad Bookie Player Bets product back in 2016, who were the first in market. Since discovering Player Bets, we’ve played around with it regularly, and if nothing else, it’s a whole heap of fun (especially if you win, obviously). With NBA player bets it really gives you a sense of creativity with your betting.

How to use Mad Bookie Player Bets

At the top of the main menu on Mad Bookie, select the Player Bets tab, this will open a new page which exclusively feature the Player Bets product.

Once you have entered the Player Bets page, you will be shown a screen, where you can make and place your player bets from for NBA, and a rang of other sports.

From here you will be able to customize your own NBA player props.

Each sport includes its own unique categories, however often not all the games or players for a particular day of NBA are shown, due to the fact that sometimes it is necessary to wait until the day of a game to see the final lineups available. That, and also some players are just not worth selecting of your Player Bets.

How to create your NBA Player Bet

The following example uses the 2016/17 NBA Finals Series

For the NBA example, there are basically 3 different types of bets that you are able to take, we’ll use Points for this example:

‘Head to Head’ Player Bet – Player A will score more points than Player B

‘Head to Head to Head’ Player Bet – Player A will score more points than Player B and Player c.

Single ‘Statistic’ Player Bet – Select a single player to score a certain number of points.

Combined ‘Statistic’ Player Bet – Player A + Player B will score X amount of points.

There are different variants of these, but they all stem from these roots.

This first Player Bet is an example of a Head to Head Player Bet.

We have selected Draymond Green to drain more 3-pointers than Kyrie Irving for the selected game.

You will be able to select and de-select players, swap the players around and change the categories all from this one slip.

As you make changes to your market, the odds will change automatically, with the odds for this market being shown as $2.63, with Draymond Green a clear underdog. Still, we took that bet (and won).

For this to result as a winning bet, Draymond Green must make more three-point field goals than Kyrie Irving.

The second Player Bet is an example of a Statistic Player Bet

We have selected Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry to combine for 10 three-point field goals.

You will be able to select and de-select players, swap the players around and change the categories all from this one slip, as with the head to head bet.

You will also be able to change the ‘Number’ of field goals that you set for the market, for this example we have selected 10 three-point field goals Made.

For this to be a winning bet, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant must have 10 three-point field goals made between them.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless with Mad Bookie Player Bets.

A video explanation of Mad Bookie’s Player Bets

Below is a short video explaining how to use Mad Bookie Player Bets.


Player Bets FAQs

Below are some of the more common questions thrown around about Player Bets.

Are singles paid out as a winning bet if the player hits their target score exactly?
Yes. Single bets are paid as winners if your player hits their target.  For example, if you have a player to have 5 or more goals, your bet is paid as a full winner if that player kicks 5 goals.

What happens in a Head to Head in the event of a tie?
Head to Head bets are losing bets in the event of a tie, this is because the condition is for player A to have more than player B. Your selected player must exceed the other players number in order for a winning return. There is no return for a tie. For example, if both players have 25 disposals, your bet will have no return.

Can I multi Player Bets?
Not currently, however, this will be available soon.

What sports are available with Player Bets?
At the moment Player Bets includes – AFL, NBA, MLB, NFL, various soccer leagues including EPL, LA Liga and Serie A.

Can I use bonus bets as my Player Bet stake?
No, real money only bets.

Where does the data come from for the Player Bets product?
The product uses official Champion Data statistics!

When will Player Bets be resulted?
Within 30 minutes from the conclusion of each match.

Are singles paid as a winner if the player hits exactly their target?

Single bets are paid as winners if your player hits their target. For example, if you have a player to have 3 or more goals, your bet is paid as a full winner if that player kicks 3 goals.

How can I track the progress of my Player Bet?

You can track the progress of your bet in real time by clicking on the My Bets button.

Can I combine my bets into a multibet?

Yes! Just add more than one bet into the Betslip and you can bet on all of them to win at multiplied odds. Note that accumulators will not be offered in situations where it is determined that the outcome of one part of the bet is contingent on the outcome of another.

What happens if my chosen player does not play?

In the event that one or more of the players in any bet does not participate, the bet will be voided and your stake will be returned.

Is Overtime included?

Yes! Overtime statistics are included.

What are the settlement rules?

At the conclusion of each NBA game we receive the final box score from the stats provider which is then used to settle all bets. On the rare occasion, the final NBA box scores are revised after being released. If this occurs then the player scores will not be updated and settlement will not be revised. The only time a correction to settlement will be made is if the error was caused by a problem with the data feed or the settlement process.

For Over/Under bets, what happens when a player’s final score equals the line in the market?

The bet is marked as a push/draw and the wager will be refunded.

Join Mad Bookie, and create your own NBA Player Bets!

We love Player Bets, and registered our own accounts with Mad Bookie just to enjoy the product.