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Legal sports betting in the U.S

With legalized sports betting in the U.S. now a reality, we’ll be taking a look at the new legal betting sites that arrive, the latest news in regards to legal online sports betting for U.S. residents and each state.

The recent sports betting ruling marks a historic day in U.S sport with the Supreme Court clearing the way for states to legalize sports wagering.

So what exactly does all of this mean for the bettors, and what will the effects be, good and bad? Below are articles that highlight the latest legal sports betting news.

The Battle: Illegal Betting vs Legal Sports Betting

Illegal Betting vs Legal Sports Betting Former MLB umpire Joe West has stated that he fears that making sports betting widely legal will cause hitmen to break...
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Sir Charles Weighs In On Legalized Sports Betting

Charles Barkley throws his weight behind legalized sports betting ...pardon the pun The path for legal sports betting has been cleared thanks to May's landmark Supreme...

Who are the future U.S. bookmakers?

The future U.S. bookmakers While different paths to legalized sports betting are looked into in the United States, there are quite a few big established...
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Indian Tribes Eye The Big Gains In Sports Betting

Indian Tribes Eyeing Sports Betting Dollars State officials from Connecticut to California have recently spent time in May jostling for control of the tens of...

Is New York Coming To The Party?

What's the deal with legalized sports betting in New York? After much speculation that New York may swerve clear of legalized sports betting, it seems...
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How will legal sports betting change the NBA?

Legal Sports Betting - What's Expected The NBA? The recent sports betting ruling marked a historic day in U.S sport with the Supreme Court paving...

Courts Opens Path For U.S. Legal Sports Betting

U.S. High Court Opens Path For Sports Betting On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the path for states to legalize sports betting, ending a...

Legal Sports Betting Online – What’s The Deal?

Legal Sports Betting Sites For as long as there have been athletic competition, there has been betting on sports. Wagering and sports go together, and...
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William Hill USA Betting On The Way?

Is William Hill USA Online Betting Coming? A Merrill Lynch upgrade gave William Hill its biggest gain in more than three months on Tuesday. Once the...
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Best NBA Betting Systems

WHAT ARE THE BEST NBA BETTING SYSTEMS? In order for long-term success in your NBA betting pursuits, it's best to have a proven NBA betting...
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Arbitrage Betting Explained

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Betting Odds Converter

NBA Basketball Betting Guide

Sports Betting Glossary