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The King travels to DC

“Play it Safe” NBA Parlay: Indiana Pacers @ Philadelphia 76ers - Under 220.5 @1.46 Utah Jazz @ Orlando Magic - Utah WIN @1.59 Cleveland Cavaliers @ Washington Wizards - Cleveland WIN @1.33 New York...
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D-Wade returns home

Tonight's NBA picks and parlays “Play it Safe” NBA Parlay: New Orleans @ Milwaukee - Milwaukee WIN @1.50 Chicago @ Miami - Chicago +6.5 @1.47 Golden State @ Denver - Denver +17.5 @1.22 LA Lakers @...
NBA betting tips basketball

Westbrook vs the Raptors’ backcourt

“Play it Safe” NBA Parlay: Brooklyn Nets @ New York Knicks - New York WIN @1.25 Utah Jazz @ Charlotte Hornets - Charlotte +9.5 @1.22 Philadelphia 76ers @ Indiana Pacers - Indiana -3.5 @1.18 Detroit...
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The Cavs are streaking

“Play it Safe” NBA Parlay: Atlanta Hawks @ Cleveland Cavaliers - Cleveland WIN @1.23 Denver Nuggets @ Memphis Grizzlies - Memphis WIN @1.73 New Orleans Pelicans @ Sacramento Kings - Sacramento...
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The Jazz meet the “Process” on a B2B

“Play it Safe” NBA Parlay: Indiana Pacers @ Charlotte Hornets - Charlotte WIN @1.59 Utah Jazz @ Philadelphia 76ers - Utah WIN @1.29 Orlando Magic @ Chicago Bulls - Chicago WIN @1.33 Detroit Pistons...
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The Lakers look to build on the GSW victory

“Play it Safe” NBA Parlay: Portland @ Memphis - Portland WIN @1.76 Sacramento @ Toronto - Toronto WIN @1.14 Denver @ Boston - Boston WIN @1.27 Phoenix @ LA Lakers - LA Lakers WIN @1.67 “Feeling Lucky”...
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Chicago look to get back on track in Indiana

“Play it Safe” NBA Parlay: Minnesota Timberwolves @ Oklahoma City Thunder - Over 200.5 @1.48 Cleveland Cavaliers @ Philadelphia 76ers - Under 214.5 @1.48 Chicago Bulls @ Indiana Pacers - Chicago +14.5 @1.18 Houston...
NBA betting tips basketball

Dallas look to break the seal

“Play it Safe” NBA Parlay: Charlotte Hornets @ Brooklyn Nets - Charlotte WIN @1.36 Miami Heat @ Toronto Raptors - Toronto WIN @1.27 Los Angeles Clippers @ Memphis Grizzlies - LA Clippers...
NBA betting tips basketball

Old rivals do battle in Cleveland.

“Play it Safe” NBA Parlay: Sacramento @ Orlando - Sacramento +7.5 @1.48 Indiana @ Milwaukee - Indiana +9.5 @1.20 Boston @ Cleveland - Cleveland WIN @1.19 OKC @ Golden State - Golden State -11.0...
NBA betting tips basketball

Rondo heads home with his new friends

“Play it Safe” NBA Parlay: Philadelphia 76ers @ Charlotte Hornets - Charlotte -5.5 @1.22 Los Angeles Lakers @ Atlanta Hawks - Atlanta -3.5 @1.20 Detroit Pistons @ Brooklyn Nets - Detroit WIN @1.50 New...
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